With all the convenience online banking affords, we understand why today’s consumers handle so many of their financial needs online. To ensure your financial security, we put numerous safety measures in place — so your private information stays private. Here are some of the ways we protect you when you bank online.

How Citizens Savings Bank Protects You

Email Policy

Please be aware we will not send unsolicited e-mails to you that provide, update, or verify any personal information such as passwords, social security numbers, PINs or debit card numbers, or any other confidential information.

Citizens Savings Bank uses up-to-date, industry-leading products and services to protect your personal data.

Customer Telephone Inquiries

In order to protect you and your accounts from identity theft, when calling CSB on the telephone to speak to one of our representatives, we may ask you to provide some identifying information. Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Your account number
  • Date and amount of last deposit
  • Your social security number
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Check numbers and amounts that were written and have cleared your account since your last completed statement cycle

Online Banking Security Features

Automatic Signoff

Our online banking automatically ends your session if there is no activity within a designated amount of time.

Unique User IDs and Passwords

When signing into online banking & bill pay, we require you to enter a user ID and password. When deciding on a password, we suggest that you include letters and numbers.

Security Questions

When you sign up for online banking & bill pay, you will need to create security questions. These questions serve as an extra layer of protection for you.