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Budgeting Tips

A Plan for Your Money

Prosperity doesn't just happen. It only occurs with planning. And that starts with a spending plan. A spending plan is simply a tool to help you spend your money on what you want and still meet your living expenses, and even save a little for the future.

Take a few minutes to view some of the sites below.* In them you'll learn:

Savings and Interest

The web pages below speak specifically to those who want to learn how to save, why to save, methods for saving and even how to open and use a savings account. Additionally, there's a link to a great calculator to help you see how much to save for the things you want. 


Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of funding your purchases: cash, credit cards, checks, etc. Plus discover how to use your checking account properly and see how a debit card is more like your checkbook than your credit card. Keep reading!

Credit and Debt

Whether or not you use credit, a good credit report is essential. Renting or buying a home, getting the lowest insurance rates, and sometimes even getting a job may be determined by your credit rating!

Managed properly, credit can be a marvelous asset to wealth building. Learn to order and read your credit report. If your report is in bad fiscal shape, follow the steps to get fiscally fit as fast as possible.

  • All About Owing - The In's and Out's of owing money
  • Building a Better Credit Report - User-friendly help to developing a great credit report includes fixing errors (PDF) (in Spanish)**
  • Coping with Debt - Help getting out of debt, dealing with collectors and determining if credit counseling is right for you (PDF)
  • Free Annual Credit Report - Order a copy of your credit report from each of the three agencies each year - it's free!

Sites for Kids

Check out these links for kids. They are interactive and great fun for kids of all ages. Learn to save, spend, donate and invest. 

Overview for Parents and Teachers

What are you teaching your kids about money? Even if you aren't a good money manager, begin now to learn with your kids. Below are resources for parents and teachers alike.

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